Presence and attendance

IPON observers are present at the side of human rights defenders exposed to human rights violations due to their work or social and political activities. They accompany human rights defenders to official appointments with governmental institutions such as court hearings or public authority meetings and if necessary in their everyday work. This aims to ensure the promotion and protection of our partners human rights and their dignity, security and social and political significance.

IPON documents human rights violations and abuses related to the engagement of the accompanied human rights defenders in addition to overall case monitoring including data collection, the conduct if interviews with relevant actors and the observation of events and activities of its partner organizations. The ability to collect and evaluate valid information for the submission to state actors and others involved is crucial to our work. The critical data analysis follows a legalistic approach focusing on legal duties and responisibilities that stem from international human rights treaties. Therefore, IPON puts an emphasis on state actors and their performance regarding international human rights standards.

Informing and acting
Information that has been gathered on the local level and has been analysed by the observers are further processed to blogs, newsletters, and a biannully published journal. By this, the information is brought to the attention of an international public. Furthermore, IPON regularly exchanges information with different Philippine state institutions and points out their responsibility to uphold human rights. Thus, the compiled information and reports do not only serve for the internal maintenance of knowledge within IPON, but more importantly, it is made available for other NGOs, pressure groups, and politicians. Thereby, we establish a framework for targeted actions and measures to improve the human rights situation in the Philippines.

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