Former IPON observers

Leander Roos, 27 years old, was born in Gelnhausen and moved to Dresden to study psychology in 2011. He will be part of the team in Negros for at least half a year and started in September 2017.
20795110_10212624597117090_2086737729_o Franziska Raab, was born and raised in a small village in Thuringia. After graduating, she spent a year in Canada. Later on she studied European Studies in Bremen and Peace and Conflict Studies Haifa Israel, before deciding to join the IPON Team in Bacolod for 6 months from September 2017 to March 2018.
IMG_9013 Margarethe Pfeifer, is 23 years old and grew up in Limburg/Lahn. After a volunteering year, working with chronically sick children on an island in northern Germany, she studied law in Dresden and specialised in International law and Human Rights. She is part of the Negros team for 8 months since september 2017.

Philipp Currle, 24 years old, was born and raised in Stuttgart. He studied sociology and religious sciences in Frankfurt. Since 2015 he started to study political sciences in Dresden. Before finishing his master degree, he decided to join IPON for 8 months.  
20170520_02 - Ralph, Tim & Jonny in Banka_geschnitten Tim Borck, grew up in Chemnitz, Saxony, and on the Canadian east coast. Until 2015, he studied Political Science and Sociology in Eichstaett, near Ingolstadt, and International Security and War in Seoul, South Korea, while also working as a novelist. Since March 2017, he is interrupting his Master studies in Peace and Conflict Studies in Magdeburg until February 2018 to be a part of IPON’s team in Negros.
arjan Arjan Haratian, 21 years old, was born in Darmstadt, where he studied Political and Social Sciences. He will be part of the IPON Team for one year. He started in September 2016.
img_konsti3622 Konstantin Burudshiew was born and raised in Dresden, Saxony. After his graduation in 2015 he decided to make a gap year to gain hands-on experience before starting his studies. Therefore he is delighted to join the IPON Team in Negros for 1 year.
doro Dorothee Richter, 24 years old, was born in Hamburg. After her studies of Media and Communication and Political Sciences in Mannheim and Haifa, Israel, she decided to join IPON and is excited to be a part of the Human Rights Observers team in Negros for 6 month until September 2017.
 DSCF2216 Svenja Brunkhorst, 24 grew up in Northern Germany and studied politcal science and communication science in Jena and Istanbul. She is part of the team in Negros until September 2017 and is looking foward to get to know the human rights defenders IPON is working with.
bild-patrick Patrick Stutz was born near the French border. He studied Social Work in Dortmund and focused on pedagogical work with street children. After a long-time stay in Peru he worked for multiple German NGO’s until he decided to join IPON as a Human Rights Observer in the Philippines.


Dennis Olschewski son of his mother, was born and raised near Berlin in 1988. He studied social work in Holzminden where he finished his B.A. in July 2013. After 1 year in China, being an intern at the Deutsche Schule Schanghai he worked for 2 years in Berlin as a school social worker. He is in love with human rights and therefore very excited about the work in the Philippines and being a part of IPON.
 bettz-2 Bettina Adamczyk was born in Southern Germany and is 26 years old. After her high school graduation she worked for one year in Rwanda in the field of youth work and decided to study Social Anthropology, Political Science and English in Regensburg. During that time she also studied Development Studies in Manila and became fascinated with the life and culture of the Philippines. Now she takes a break from her Master in Peace and Conflict studies and joins the IPON team in Negros from September 2016 to March 2017 and is looking forward to her time in Negros and the new experiences.
 bild-anne Anne Krahnstöver, 21 years old, just finished her first degree in political science and law in Göttingen. During the next 12 months she will be working for IPON in the island of Negros. She is looking forward to an interesting year.
 jessi Jessica Heitmann comes from Vierlanden in the southeast of Hamburg. She was part of the Negros team from March 2016 until February 2017.


Alexandra Schiessendoppler grew up in Northern Germany, spent one year in Central America and studied Mass Media and Communication Science in Vienna. In September 2015 she joins IPON’s Mindanao Team in Malaybalay for 6 months and is delighted to combine her knowledge of public relations with her policy interest in human rights.
Susanna Susanna Kehrer was born in Pforzheim (Germany). She is studying political science and ethnology at the Johannes Gutenberg University and will be in Mindanao from September 2015 until March 2016. She is very excited about IPON’s work and hopes that it will be successful.
 Chris Chris Naumann, born in Aachen – Germany, is studying social work in Berlin. He makes a break for one year to work with IPON. His attitude is: the dignity of men is unimpeachable. He will stay in Mindanao from September 2015 till September 2016. Furthermore he is happy to learn as much as possible about the Philippines and the culture.
Anna Marie Anna-Marie Weber grew up in a small village near Frankfurt. She studies in Potsdam but interrupted her studies to join the Team Mindanao and supports the work of IPON as a human rights observer. Anna is looking forward to the work in the Philippines and is courious to get to know the country and its culture.
 Regi Regina Sonk was born and raised in Berlin, studied in Vienna, fell in love with South America and is now very content to live in Malaybalay. She will be part of the team in Mindanao until August 2015, willing to learn as much as possible about Indigenous Rights in the Philippines
 Kria Kira Kreft was born 1993 in Münster, Germany. She studies Cultural Anthropology and Art History in Heidelberg and takes now a one Year break to work with IPON. She will be part of the Team from February 2015 until February 2016 and is curious and excited about her work and the future.
Hanna Hanna Krüger grew up in Halver, North Rhine Westphalia. She studied social work in Bochum where she graduated in March 2014. She joined the IPON Team in Mindanao in July 2014 and will support the work of IPON for one year. Now she is excited to be part of IPON and to get to know the Philippines.
katharina-penelope-stohr Katharina Penelope Stoehr aka „Penny“ from Munich joined Team Negros in July 2015. She studied cultural and social anthropology. During her studies she considered human rights from a theoretical perspective and is now happy to work in a more practical war. She will support the team and IPON until March in the Philippines.
hanno-mertim Hanno Mertin is 19 years old and has spent most of his life in a small city in Northern Germany. After he finished school he connected with IPON and is currently working as a Human Rights Observer. He is looking forward to the experience and his chance to contribute his personal skills to the work of IPON.
sebi Sebastian Pohl just finished his master in public policy, public administration and politic management. He’ll be part of the team Negros from September 2015 to September 2016 and complement it not just with his academic knowledge and abilities, but also through his previous work experience for NGOs like in Kenya or Norway.
 lena-mhs Lena Muhs graduated from University College Maastricht in January 2015 with Bachelor of Arts. During her interdisciplinary studies she focused on human rights and philosophy. Lena will work as a human rights observer for IPON from February to August 2015. She is 22 years old and grew up in Meerbusch close to Duesseldorf.
anna-lena-knobloch Anna-Lena Knobloch, 25, from Nuernberg studies peace studies and international politics (M.A.) in Tuebingen. She will work for IPON on Negros for 6 months (January – July 2015).
Lisa Lisa Biewers was born in Trier. She studied education in Freiburg were she graduated in October 2013. She joined the IPON Team in Mindanao in January 2014 and will work as an Human Rights Observer until July 2014. She is very curious about the work of IPON and exited to get to know the Philippines.
Jelena Jelena Jacobsen was born and grew up in Hamburg. After finishing her studies of Criminology (M.A.) she joined the team Mindanao in January 2014. She will support the work of IPON till January 2015 and is excited to get to know the Philippines and its culture.
Inga Inga Jäkel was born and raised in Berlin. After studying law she is now supporting IPON in Mindanao until January 2015. She is thrilled by the work of IPON and about the possibility to get to know the culture of the Philippines better.
theresa-meiniecke Theresa Meinecke, 20, is from Berlin and finished high school there in the summer of 2014 She will be part of the IPON team in Negros from December 2014 to September 2015.
fabian-e Fabian Erwig, 27, is from Cologne and finished his Masters in European Studies at the University of Maastricht. Starting July 2013 he will work as a human rights observer on Negros for a period of 12 months.
 Laura Laura Strott grew up in a small village in North-Hesse. She just finished school in June and will now join the Team Mindanao to support the work of IPON on the Philippines until April 2014.
eric Eric Tuchtfeld, 20, born and raised in the center of Germany, in Kassel. He was working for IPON in Mindanao from July to November 2013 and switched to Negros in December of the same year. He will be working in Negros until March 2014.
elena-sotres Elena Sotres Zapatero, 27, Spanish national. She studied legal studies and economics in Madrid and Berlin and works since 2010 in the area of international tax law. As of June 2013 she will leave Cologne for 6 months and work as a human rights observer in Negros.
gregor Gregor Keienburg, was born somewhere, sometime ago and will die at some point in the very, very distant future. Right now, he is writing about himself in 3rd person, which he finds strange. Back home he is a musician, and also a composer/producer, working mostly for television-productions. He will be working as a Human Rights Observer for IPON until Junary 2013, focusing on AV-Documentation of  IPONs Work.
biggi Brigitte Eiselt, was born 1985 in Darmstadt, a town near Frankfurt. She studied Cultural Anthropology and Politics of South Asia in the romantic atmosphere of Heidelberg, where she finished her M.A. in February 2012. Very curious to get to know life and culture of the Philippine people and their country, she joined the Mindanao team in May 2012 and will work as a human rights observer until April 2013.


Paulina Ahlhaus, 20, is from Berlin and grew up at the baltic sea. She will support Team Negros as human rights observer from May to October 2013 in the Philippines. Following this, she will study political science and philosophy in Berlin.
anne-tiepmar Anne Tiepmar, 24, is originally from Potsdam and studies International Studies/Peace and Conflict Studies at Goethe-University Frankfurt/Main and at TU Darmstadt. From July 2012 onwards she will be part of the IPON team in Negros for 12 months.
ann-kathrin Ann-Kathrin M. was working as human rights observer on Negros from July 2012 to June 2013.
Sahra Sahrah Gebhardt, born in 1987 in Waldshut-Tiengen, studied ethnology and education in Cologne and will be part of the IPON team in Negros for 4 months starting January 2013.
Lukas Lukas Trötzer, born on January 18, 1989, in Lippstadt. Finished his Bachelor of political and communication science in Muenster and Washington DC and is currently studying the Master of German, European and Global Politics in Bonn. He will be in the Philippines from July to January for IPON and hopefully on small South-East Asia tour after that.
Katja Katja Paulke, 23 years old. Grew up in Cottbus and studied social science and history in Erfurt. She joined the Mindanao Team in July 2012 to work for one year as Human Rights Observer.
daria Daria Föller is 22 years old and grew up in Düsseldorf where she also studied Psychology until autumn 2012. Last year she decided that she had to have a glimpse of the rest of the world so she applied to IPON for the position of a Human Rights Observer. Now she is very happy to be part of the Mindanao Team for half a year and hopes that she will be able to make her little contributions to the great IPON work.
media Media Dannenberg was born 1984 in Hamburg, where she also finished her medical studies in May 2012. Willing to support the Philippines‘ progress on  Human Rights she will join the Mindanao observer team from January 2013 till January 2014.
rebecca Rebecca Gaiser was born 1990 in Freundenstadt, a small town in the Black Forest. Since October 2011, she is studying European Studies in Chemnitz. Now she is very curious what she has to expect from the Philippines and the work with IPON.  From July 2013 till January 2014 she will be part of the Observer Team Mindanao.
jasmin-mogel Jasmin Mögeltönder, 27, from Kiel, studied political science, public law and psychology in Kiel. She will be active as an observer on Negros from February to End of July 2012.
tobi-lorch Tobias Lorch, is from the tranquil Schlierbach in Baden-Wuerttemberg und the first volunteer who will support the Negros Team for a full year.
gerlinde-becker Gerlinde Becker Arreaga, born 22 years ago in the humid town of Guayaquil, Ecuador. She is enrolled in beautiful Marburg as student of social sciences and will replace dry theory with daily exciting practice by working with IPON on Negros from October 2011 until May 2012.
denise-klein Denise Klein-Allerman, 27 years, from Berlin, studied socio-cultural studies at the Viadrina University Frankfurt (Oder) with a focus on migration. After finishing her Masters in September 2011, she went to Bacolod for 6 months to support Team Negros.
lena-pfeffer Lena Pfeffer, born and until she went to the Philippines resident ain Heilbronn. She is supporting IPON since July 2011 as one of the first Weltwaerts volunteers. After a sommery christmas she will fly back to Germany in January 2012.
dominik Dominik Hammann, 23 years old, born in Hofgeismar in Northern Hesse, studied political science and philosophy at the Johannes Gutenberg Univeristy Mainz and at Cardiff University. Since April 2011 he has been working as human rights observer on Negros.
holger-stoltenberg Holger Stoltenberg-Lerche, 30 years old, born in Duesseldorf. Studied political science, public law and ethnology at the Georg-August University, Goettingen and at the Queen’s University Belfast. Since April he is working as human rights observer in Negros.
martin-bollmann Martin Bollmann, born 23 years ago in Wernigerode in the Harz mountains, finished his Bachelor studies of social sciences at the Otto-von-Guericke-University. He will be on Negros from Mid-January for 6 months.
nina-johnen Nina Johnen, 24, born in the beautiful city of Cologne at the Rhine, studies political and social sciences with a focus on International Relations and Area Studies at the Free University Berlin. Since January 2011 she is supporting the team on Negros.
 arne-poedtke Arne Poedtke, 25, born in Lübeck, lives in Kiel, where he studies History and European Ethnology. wohnt in Kiel und studiert dort Geschichte und Europäische Ethnologie. From the far North of Germany he ventured to Negros in September of 2010, where he will work for IPON until April 2011.
eline-bakker Eline Bakker, 27, studied Social Sciences in Osnabrück. In September 2010 she left her home in Berlin for 7 months to go to Bacolod City and to dedicate that time for the human rights observation for IPON.
 mira-florian Mira Florian, 24, is from Wangen, Allgäu and studied political and administrative science as well as the Master program International Relations and International Organization in Groningen, Netherlands. She was human rights observer on Negros from March to December 2010.
Anna Hollendung 26, is from Mönchengladbach und studies Political Science, Gender Studies and Netherlands Studies in Oldenburg. She was in the Philippines on behalf of IPON from March to September 2010.
Friederike Mayer 25, is Hannoveranian and studies International Development and Political Science in Vienna. She was a part of the IPON-Team on Negros with Anna and Mira. Since September 2010 she is back in cold Europe.
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